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Complete Short Stories of A.A. Milne - A.A. Milne

Complete Short Stories of A.A. Milne - A.A. Milne


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A new collection of A. A. Milne’s short stories for grown-ups.

Gathered in full for the first time, they include several never published before. They show Milne’s renowned charm, concision and whimsical flair in all their brilliance. He paints memorable scenes – from a children’s birthday party, to an accidental encounter with murder, and a case of blackmail – often with an unexpected twist.

But he also deals in poignancy, from the girl who pulls the wool over her boyfriend’s eyes, to a first dance and first disappointment or family reunion and domestic dissonance. Beguiling and evocative, Milne’s thought-provoking stories for adults will make you see his works for children in a whole new light.

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