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Through the Snow Globe - Annie Rains

Through the Snow Globe - Annie Rains


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If your loved one could stay another day, what would you do?

Diana Merriman is probably the only person in the small town of Snow Haven who isn't looking forward to Christmas. It's been three weeks since her fiance Linus was hit by a car as he biked home from the toy store he owns. When she uncovers the surprise gift Linus had bought her for Christmas - a snow globe of their town - the night before Christmas Eve, little does she know it will set her on a course that will change everything.

Because Diana wakes up to find that it's the day of Linus' accident. Stuck in an endless loop, repeating the day over and over, Diana fights fate to save her fiance. But it's not just Linus who needs rescuing.

As Diana uncovers startling truths about herself and her relationship, the future becomes even more uncertain...

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