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Overwinter - David Wellington

Overwinter - David Wellington

Broadway Books

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The days grow colder. The nights grow longer. And every time the moon rises, the wolf inside her grows a little stronger.

Cheyenne Clarka woman whose hatred for werewolves has turned her into the very beast she most despisesprowls the Arctic Circle on the trail of an ancient secret, hunting for the one thing that could remove the lycanthropic curse and make her human again.

Yet standing between Chey and her goal are a werewolf hunter armed with a diabolically brilliant weapon, a centuries-old werewolf with her own mysterious agendaand Chey's own complicated feelings for the man who doomed her to this existence but on whom her life now depends.

Worse, with every hour that passes, the wolf inside Chey becomes more powerful. It won't be long before the woman disappears completely, and only the beast is left.

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