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Angel of the Crows - Katherine Addison

Angel of the Crows - Katherine Addison


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This is not the story you think it is. These are not the characters you think they are. This is not the book you are expecting.

London 1888. Angels inhabit every public building, and vampires and werewolves walk the streets with human beings in a well-regulated truce. A utopia, except for one thing: Angels can Fall, and that Fall is like a nuclear bomb in both the physical and metaphysical worlds.

Dr. J. H. Doyle returns to London having been wounded in Afghanistan by a Fallen, and finds himself lodging in Baker Street with the enigmatic angel Crow.

But living with a rogue angel is not so easy; the pair find themselves drawn into the supernatural and criminal worlds of London, from a man kidnapped by a vampire nest to Jack the Ripper's horrific murders. Besides Doyle's nightmares, there is the lingering worry that Crow might Fall...

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