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Bed Me Books 3: Bed Me, Earl - Felicity Niven

Bed Me Books 3: Bed Me, Earl - Felicity Niven

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A rake falls for a beautiful recluse, but being bad is all he's good for.

A tall maiden with nothing to lose. 
Caro knows she will never marry, never bear children. But she will seduce the man who first asked her to dance a dozen years ago. She will be bedded by the Earl of Burchester once in her lifetime. And as fate would have it, the gorgeous man is just down the hall. Alone. Naked in a bed. He wouldn’t refuse her request, would he? Surely, his reputation means he takes all-comers.

A shorter-than-average rogue who is about to lose his mind. And his heart. Phineas Edge knows what he likes. And right now, he very much likes the darling girl who just showed up in his bed at his friend’s country house. True, she doesn’t say much, but what happens between the two of them has a magic that he would do anything to experience again. Even if it involves a ring and a church.

And falling in love.

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