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Cabin Fever - Alex Dahl

Cabin Fever - Alex Dahl

Head of Zeus

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Alone and isolated in a vast Scandinavian forest, a therapist begins to read her client's novel manuscript, only to discover the main character is terrifyingly familiar...

You are her therapist.

Kristina is a successful therapist in central Oslo.

She spends her days helping clients navigate their lives with a cool professionalism that has got her to the top.

She is your client.

When her client Leah begs her to come to her remote cabin in the woods, Kristina refuses. But then Leah disappears and Kristina feels her control beginning to slip.

But out here in the woods.

Kristina reluctantly heads out into the wilderness to find Leah. Alone and isolated, surrounded by snow and trees, Kristina realizes she has made a huge mistake.

Nothing is as it seems.

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