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Dragon Storm: Kai and Boneshadow - Alastair Chisholm

Dragon Storm: Kai and Boneshadow - Alastair Chisholm

Nosy Crow

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In the land of Draconis, there are no dragons. Once, there were. Once, humans and dragons were friends, and created the great city of Rivven together.

But then came the Dragon Storm, and the dragons retreated from the world of humans. To the men and women of Draconis, they became legends and myth. When dragonseer Kai and his dragon Boneshadow are summoned to the palace to work for the King, they decide to secretly search for a dragon they believe is hiding there.

But during the search, Kai comes into contact with a mysterious potion. It makes him more powerful, and more confident... But is that all?As he uncovers the secrets of the palace, and discovers who has been working against the dragonseers, Kai begins to change - and soon he's in danger of losing his friends ...

and even Boneshadow herself.

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