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Exquisite Crime

Exquisite Crime

Renegade Games

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A surrealist detective storytelling game where Crime is an Art, and you are the artist.

Exquisite Crime asks players to harness their latent psychic abilities in order to solve mysteries ranging from the quirky to the surreal to the downright monstrous. Only those who are tapped into the paranormal can perceive the messages from beyond the veil.

Will the players be able to translate those visions into sketches that will lead to the capture of the guilty party?


  • Solve mysteries as paranormal detectives.
  • 6 unique scenarios with pre-set options for play.
  • Transcribe visions into art, making several keepsakes for you and the other players!
  • From the award-winning development team who brought you Alice is Missing!
  • Played over a single session of 2-3 hours, with 2-4 players.

- 2 tot 4 spelers
- 45-60 minuten
- Taal: Engels