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Heart Hussle 5: Sheer Cupidity - Raven Kennedy

Heart Hussle 5: Sheer Cupidity - Raven Kennedy

Penguin Books Ltd.

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What will a cupid sacrifice for love?

Lex has always tried to be the perfect cupid. But during the battle for the fae realm, a power blast that should have ended her immortal life hit someone else. Belren, a fae male, stepped in front of her at the last moment - and died.

Unable to let go of her guilt, Lex finds herself returning to the island he died. And finds him - his handsome but ghostly figure haunting the place. The truth is, he was haunting her long before he became a ghost.

They might have a second chance at love, but first, she's going to have to help him let go of his unfinished business. Too bad she doesn't know that business is her. This cupid needs to rediscover what she does best - and create her own love story...

Before she loses him forever.

Sheer Cupidity is a stand-alone spin-off, and Book Five in the fun, addictive and sexy Heart Hassle series

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