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How To Love Your Neighbour - Sophie Sulivan

How To Love Your Neighbour - Sophie Sulivan

Headline Book Publishing

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Interior Design School? Check. Cute house to fix up? Check.

Sexy nemesis neighbour? Check. Unfortunately. Grace Travis has it all figured out.

She'll finish her degree, get her dream job and, most importantly, she'll find a place where she can truly belong, something she never had growing up. So when the opportunity to fix up and live in a little house on the beach presents itself, Grace can finally see her plan coming together...until a problem named Noah moves in next door. Real estate developer Noah Jansen knows when he's found something special.

Somewhere he could even call home. Except his plan involves taking over the house next door - Grace's new home. Everyone knows you should love your neighbour, but that's easier said than done.

And Grace and Noah are about to find out just how thin the line is between love and hate...

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