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In an Orchard Grown from Ash - Rory Power (Hardcover)

In an Orchard Grown from Ash - Rory Power (Hardcover)

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The Argyros family is torn asunder, their nation betrayed and taken over by former allies, all four siblings scattered across the world.

Now head of the rebellious Sxoriza, Rhea grapples with her newfound abilities and an uneasy relationship with Michali, her resurrected beloved. But forces are rising against her, hungry for the powers she now wields. Defiant, even in the face of defeat, Lexos finds himself imprisoned in the most unlikely of places.

With a new ally by his side he plots his escape and revenge against those responsible. In one final, desperate move, Rhea sends her closest companion, her sister Chrysanthi, on a dangerous mission: to travel across the world and locate their lost sibling, Nitsos. With battlelines drawn and siblings on either side of the divide, will the Argyros family be able to reconcile - or will there be a reckoning like no other?

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