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Monsters & Muses 6: Liars and Liaisons - Sav R. Miller

Monsters & Muses 6: Liars and Liaisons - Sav R. Miller

Sav R. Miller

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I met his brother first-while trying to avoid mine.

By the time the agoraphobic, unhinged, and musically-gifted Grayson James came crashing into my life, I was deeply infatuated with his elder sibling.

But that didn't stop him from ruining everything.

He stole something that wasn't his to have.

Something I hadn't known I was giving him.

After realizing he was unsatisfied with that little taste, he wanted more.

Wanted me.

Now, he's asked me to keep him company while he hides out in his family's rustic, mountainside estate.

Blackmailed me really.

Unfortunately, I need the money.

The escape.

It's not like I have much of a choice.

Grayson is determined to keep me around, as if my presence will assist him in rediscovering his passions.

And perhaps unmask a few dark ones of my own.

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