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Murder Road - Simone St. James (Hardcover)

Murder Road - Simone St. James (Hardcover)

Michael Joseph

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April and Eddie have taken a wrong turn. They're on a long dark road, late at night, and they see a woman up ahead, clearly in trouble.

They stop and pick her up. It's only once she's in the car that they see the blood. And then they see the headlights, and at last, the woman speaks, her voice faint.

"I'm sorry, he's coming."While April and Eddie are able to escape - this time - their terrifying adventure is only just beginning. The hitchhiker's injuries prove fatal, and the couple are trapped in the small town of Coldlake Falls, prime suspects in the eyes of local police. It turns out that this isn't the first victim to die on this stretch of road, and it isn't the first time that survivors have seen something that can't be explained.

But to get out of town, April and Eddie are going to have to drive down that haunted stretch of road one more time... Ingeniously plotted and heartstoppingly terrifying, are you ready to uncover the secret of Murder Road?

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