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Never a Hero - Vanessa Len

Never a Hero - Vanessa Len

Hodder & Stoughton

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Not every fight is won by heroes. Sometimes, you need a monster.

Despite the odds, Joan achieved the impossible. She reset the timeline, saved her family - and destroyed the hero, Nick.

But her success has come at a terrible cost.

She alone remembers what happened.

Now, Aaron, her hard-won friend - and maybe more - is an enemy, trying to kill her. And Nick, the boy she loved, is a stranger who doesn't even know her name. Only Joan remembers that there is a ruthless and dangerous enemy still out there.

When a deadly attack forces Joan back into the monster world as a fugitive, she finds herself on the run with Nick - as Aaron closes in.

As the danger rises - and Nick gets perilously closer to discovering the truth of what Joan did - Joan discovers a secret of her own. One that threatens everyone she loves.

Torn between love and family and monstrous choices, Joan must find a way to re-gather her old allies to face down the deadliest of enemies, and to save the timeline itself.

Book 2 of the Only a Monster series.

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