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Out of the Fire - Andrea Contos (US Hardcover)

Out of the Fire - Andrea Contos (US Hardcover)

Scholastic Press

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It wasn't the kidnapping that ruined Cass Adams's life--it was the letters that came after. Every pink envelope that appears in her car, her locker, her bedroom--every word from the man she escaped, is a constant reminder that he's always there, always watching.

It's enough to make Cass withdraw from everyone and everything she's ever loved. But then Cass discovers that her former best friend Margot is being blackmailed by her ex-boyfriend, who's threatening to expose the nude pictures she sent him.

Cass is way too familiar with the helplessness Margot feels, so she offers her a proposal: stop being afraid and start gettting revenge.

Now, achieving the retribution the girls seek--and finding the truth behind Cass's abduction--will mean trusting the person she fears most. And the man who ruined her life may be the only one who can save it

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