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Raising the Horsemen - Serena Valentino (Hardcover)

Raising the Horsemen - Serena Valentino (Hardcover)


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Every family has skeletons. Kat's just happen to be headless. 

Kat Van Tassel wants nothing to do with Sleepy Hollow's ghostly history. But when her mother gives her the original Katrina van Tassel's diary on the two-hundredth anniversary of the Headless Horseman's haunting, a new legend begins to take shape, weaving together the past and the present in eerie ways.

When a new girl in town opens Kat's eyes to the possibility that ghosts are real, it makes her question who she truly wants to be...and be with. Can Kat uncover a two-hundred-year-old secret, and trace its shocking reverberations in her own life, in time to protect what she truly loves=

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