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Sin & Chocolate - K.F. Breene

Sin & Chocolate - K.F. Breene

Hazy Dawn Press, Inc.

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I want anything but to be discovered. He has realized what I truly am.

I live in a forgotten corner of nowhere for a reason: there is safety in anonymity. To maintain my freedom, I need to stay away from the powerful people that rule Magical San Francisco.

But then the ruler's son, a ridiculously handsome and incredibly powerful demigod of Poseidon, nearly runs me down with his expensive sports car. He's here for revenge, and he has realized that I have a touch of Hades. Well...more than a touch. A rare type of magic feared the world over. He thinks I'm the key to his salvation, and he wants me to help him claim vengeance. He also just plain wants me. But to help him, I risk losing myself to the darkness. I can't escape his passion, but his need for vengeance could destroy us both.

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