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Sweet Solitude - Sav R. Miller

Sweet Solitude - Sav R. Miller

Sav R. Miller

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In the wake of her father's death, lonely Juliet Harrison struggles with the guilt over her loss. She deals with it the way she deals with everything: by burying her feelings beneath impulsive decisions and desecrating the local graveyard. But Juliet isn't as invisible as she believes.

Hiding out from the ghosts of his past, Kieran Ivers is known in King's Trace as a homicidal hermit. But the rumors don't stop him from visiting the cemetery to taunt his late brother's remains.

It's there he first spots a woman engaging in lascivious acts on her father's grave, and becomes enraptured by the darkness surrounding her. When she leaves behind a necklace, Kieran finds and keeps it until he can score a meeting with the mysterious siren.

He doesn't know she's the sister-in-law of his rival, or that she is drowning in her sadness. Nor does he care.

Once he's decided what he wants, he'll stop at nothing to get her.

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