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Three Dog Problem - S.J. Bennett (Hardcover)

Three Dog Problem - S.J. Bennett (Hardcover)

Bonnier Zaffre

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Queen Elizabeth II is having a royal nightmare. A referendum divides the nation, a tumultuous election grips the United States - and the body of a staff member is found dead beside Buckingham Palace swimming pool.

Is it a tragic accident, as the police think? Or is something more sinister going on?As Her Majesty looks for answers, her trusted assistant, Rozie, is on the trail of a treasured painting that once hung outside the Queen's bedroom. But when Rozie receives a threatening anonymous letter, Elizabeth knows dark forces are at work - and far too close to home. After all, though the staff and public may not realise it, she is the keenest sleuth among them.

Sometimes, it takes a Queen's eye to see connections where no one else can . . .

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