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Tink and Wendy - Kelly Ann Jacobson

Tink and Wendy - Kelly Ann Jacobson

Three Rooms Press

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What happens when Tinker Bell is in love with both Peter Pan and Wendy?

In this sparkling re-imagining of Peter Pan, Peter and Wendy's granddaughter Hope Darling finds the reclusive Tinker Bell squatting at the Darling mansion in order to care for the graves of her two lost friends after a love triangle gone awry. As Hope wins the fairy's trust, Tink tells her the truth about Wendy and Peter--and her own role in their ultimate fate.

Told in three alternating perspectives--past, present, and excerpts from a book called Neverland: A History written by Tink's own fairy godmother--this queer adaptation is for anyone who has ever wondered if there might have been more to the story of Tinker Bell and the rest of the Peter Pan legend.

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