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Witches at the End of the World - Chelsea Iversen

Witches at the End of the World - Chelsea Iversen

Sourcebooks Landmark

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Rage burns brighter than any spellfire...

Deep in the birchwoods of Norway, magic courses through the veins of two sisters. For years they've been alone, but sweet-tempered Kaija is tired of living in shadows and longs for a life filled with community, even if it means stifling her magic.

But Minna is a witch through and through, with wrath always simmering just below the surface. Different as they may be, both will never forget the day they were driven from their village. The day their mother burned.

When Kaija leaves to pursue a new life, Minna is left alone in the darkness of the forest. Devastated and outraged at the betrayal, Minna casts a curse to punish those who took everything from her. What she doesn't realize is that this act will incite a deadly chain of events.

Soon it will destroy everything, including the life Kaija has lovingly built. But once a witch's rage boils, regret means nothing-she can't take back what's already done. Someone will have to burn.

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