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You May Now Kill The Bride - Kate Weston

You May Now Kill The Bride - Kate Weston

Headline Book Publishing

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Their hangovers may fade, but this is a hen party they'll never forget... Lauren, Saskia, Dominica, Farah and Tansy have been friends since nursery. They wonder if that was the last time they all actually liked each other.

Reunited as bridesmaids at Tansy's spiritual hen party in the woods, it doesn't take long before old grudges begin to surface. Not to mention the secret they've been hiding for twenty years. But what starts as a weekend of macramé and contraband vodka ends in murder when Tansy chokes to death on a poisoned cacao drink.

As the body count keeps climbing, the friends realise that one of their group must be the killer - and if any of them want to make it down the aisle, they need to watch their sash-covered backs. Who will be left standing when the bouquet is thrown?

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