Dear authors,

Welcome to Comfortably Strange Publishing. We look forward to reviewing your work and hope to add your production to our portfolio.  Currently, we are only interested in releasing books in print.

Authors and agents, there are only two things we ask you to take note of when submitting a manuscript or to us for consideration:

  • Manuscripts should be submitted by e-mailing a cover letter, a one-to-three-page synopsis, and the first three chapters of your manuscript, each as a Microsoft Word attachment. Text should be formatted in the industry standard of Times New Roman 12-point font.
  • The e-mail’s subject line should include the following: (1) title of the work, (2) genre (and, if applicable, subgenre), and (3) in case of a manuscript, word count.

Feel free to send your manuscript through regular postage adapting the same guidelines.

Our e-mail address is and our postal address is Nieuwstraat 18, 4811 WV, Breda, The Netherlands, naturally you can also reach us through Latte´s and Literature.

Although our goal is to introduce your work to a larger audience, we don’t believe that it has to conform to, what is considered by many to be, the mainstream market.  We are interested in the quality of your work and finding a unique voice or production in an era where great works tend to get suffocated by easy reads and self-publication.

Comfortably Strange Publishing is interested in the following genres:

Fiction (in the English and Dutch language only): fantasy, horror, literary, mystery, paranormal, science fiction, suspense, thriller, young adult

Please allow 1 month for a reply to a submission.

Thank you for your interest in our company, and the very best of luck to you.


The Editors
Comfortably Strange Publishing

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