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21 Days

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17 October 1903: The Esperanza ends up in a terrible storm and loses its battle against the elements. 163 people lose their lives, but a small group survives this disaster and washes ashore on the isle Juan Ansidad. For weeks they wait, hoping to be rescued, but they slowly run out of food. They come to realize that if they ever want to get home again, they will have to take matters into their own hands. A raft is carefully put together and with a small ration four brave survivors try their luck on the Pacific, looking for salvation. You have found the logbook in which the four survivors wrote down their adventures — their story, which lasted 21 days.

21 Days is a cooperative, dice-driven game, so a lot depends on how you will roll the dice! However, there are ways to alter the dice, plan ahead, and make use of your survivor's special skills.

  • Aantal Spelers: 1 tot 4 spelers
  • Speelduur: 30-60 minuten 
  • Taal: Nederlands/Engels

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