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One Of Our Kind - Nicola Yoon (Hardcover)

One Of Our Kind - Nicola Yoon (Hardcover)


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When Jasmyn Williams and her husband King realise they're expecting their second child, they decide to move to the town of Liberty, California hoping to find a community of like-minded people, where their growing family can thrive in a majority-Black environment. King settles in at once, embracing the Liberty ethos, including the luxe wellness centre at the top of the hill which proves to be the heart of the community.

But Jasmyn struggles to find her place. She expected to find liberals and social justice activists striving for racial equality, but Liberty residents seem more focused on booking spa treatments and ignoring the world's troubles. Then, as Jasmyn gets further into her pregnancy, she discovers a terrible secret that turns her frustration to dread.

A secret that could threaten the safety of not only her family, but everything she believes in... Tense, thrilling and packed with insightful social commentary, One of Our Kind explores what happens when the quest for true liberation comes at a shocking price, from an acclaimed author at the height of her powers.

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