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Only and Forever - Chloe Liese

Only and Forever - Chloe Liese

Penguin (Cornerstone)

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A room-mance for the books in this tender, steamy story about unexpectedly finding love and being brave enough to let it revise life’s narrative in the final book in the beloved Bergman Brothers series.


I’ve got a massive case of writer’s block and I've been kicked out of my apartment, with no end to my misery in sight.

At least, until Viggo Bergman makes me an offer I can’t refuse: he needs help running his romance bookstore; I need help with my thriller’s romantic subplot. We’ll swap skills and cohabitate for convenience. I’m a cold-hearted cynic, he’s a heart-eyed romantic.

We barely get along. But who says roommate-coworkers need to be friends?


Life’s hard as a hopeless romantic still waiting for my forever love. Between running my romance bookstore and a romance book club, coaching kids' soccer, and adopting a household of pets, my chaotic life seems to make finding love downright improbable.

But when I bump into Tallulah Clarke, hope seems like it's finally on the horizon. Except that sharing a home and life with Tallulah challenges everything I thought I knew about love, and reveals the plot twist I never saw coming: happily ever after is here already, right under our roof.

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