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Tao Te Ching the Ancient Classic - Lao Tzu (Hardcover)

Tao Te Ching the Ancient Classic - Lao Tzu (Hardcover)

Capstone Publishing

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A luxury, keep-sake edition of an ancient Chinese scripture.

This ancient text, fundamental to Taoism, has become a source of inspiration and guidance for millions in modern society. It's focus on attunement, rather than mindless striving, offers an alternative to command-and-control leadership and a different way of seeing personal success a position that has led to this ancient Chinese text becoming an internationally bestselling personal development guide. Now the text has been given a makeover and this deluxe, gift edition is set to become the market leader, following in the footsteps of the other bestselling Capstone Classic editions.

Includes: * Paints a picture of a person in full attunement * Illustrates how fulfillment and peace, without struggle, can deliver to us what we need and desire * An alternative way to view personal success * A new introduction by Tom Butler Bowdon, the classic personal development expert.

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