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L & L Book box

June 2021, we released our very first L & L Book Box ever! Containing a hardcover edition of 'House of Hollow'  and specially selected goodies handpicked, designed and / or put together by us as well as a signed bookplate and a wax sealed letter written by the the author!  You can imagine the time and effort this takes and the box ended up being offered  (and sold out !)  for Euro 50,-

However... since we also want to create boxes which are not as expensive, we've put together our first of many themed book boxes. The difference being that where we pick apart the book for the L & L Book Box with all goodies custom made / designed, the themed book boxes will be.....well.....themed..... by going about it this way we can offer these boxes for Euro 35,- or less and will be a real treat to give and receive as a gift! 

And no, there won't be any notebooks in our boxes, we aim to create an experience, and not collect random stuff that you will only look at once and never use.