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L.O.E.W 1: Bringing down the Duke - Evie Dunmore

L.O.E.W 1: Bringing down the Duke - Evie Dunmore


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Oxford, 1879. A beautiful bluestocking is about to teach a duke a lesson . .

Brilliant but destitute Annabelle Archer is one of the first female students at Oxford University. In return for her scholarship, she must recruit influential men to champion the rising women's suffrage movement.

Her first target is Sebastian Devereux: cold, calculating and the most powerful duke in England. When Annabelle and her friends infiltrate his luxurious estate, she's appalled to find herself attracted to the infuriatingly intelligent aristocrat - but perhaps she's not the only one struggling with desire. . .

Soon Annabelle is locked in a battle with rising passion and a will matching her own. She'll need to learn fast just what it takes to bring down a duke.

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