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Doug Unplugged - Dan Yaccarino

Doug Unplugged - Dan Yaccarino

Dragonfly Books

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It's easy being a robot, if you play by all the rules?but when Doug gets curious, he decides to unplug and forge his own path. And he discovers a whole world of what's possible. Soon to be the basis of an animated series from DreamWorks and Apple TV!Doug is a robot. His parents want him to be smart, so each morning they plug him in and start the information download.

After a morning spent learning facts about the city, Doug suspects he could learn even more about the city by going outside and exploring it. And so Doug . . . unplugs. What follows is an exciting day of adventure and discovery. Doug learns amazing things by doing and seeing and touching and listening?and above all, by interacting with a new friend.Dan Yaccarino's funny story of robot rebellion is a great reminder that sometimes the best way to learn about the world is to go out and be in it.Praise for Doug Unplugged:"A gentle robotic rebellion." ?USA T

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