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Last Confession of Thomas Hawkins - Antonia Hodgson

Last Confession of Thomas Hawkins - Antonia Hodgson


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London, 1728. A young, well-dressed man is dragged through the streets to the gallows at Tyburn. The crowds jeer and curse as he passes, calling him a murderer. He tries to remain calm.

His name is Tom Hawkins and he is innocent. Somehow he has to prove it, before the rope squeezes the life out of him. It is, of course, all his own fault. He was happy with Kitty Sparks. Life was good. He should never have told the most dangerous criminal in London that he was 'bored and looking for adventure'. He should never have offered to help Henrietta Howard, the king's mistress, in her desperate struggles with a brutal husband.

And most of all, he should never have trusted the witty, calculating Queen Caroline. She has promised him a royal pardon if he holds his tongue but then again, there is nothing more silent than a hanged man.

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