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Redesign Your Mind - Andrea Baker

Redesign Your Mind - Andrea Baker

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One time-tested way that to achieve peace and serenity in this hectic world is through the creative arts.

You probably know people who manage to get away from it all by becoming absorbed in painting, music or pottery. Not all of us can do this however - first of all we may feel that we lack the talent or discipline, and many of these pursuits also require a big investment in the way of time, space and equipment. The beauty of haiku is that anyone can do it anywhere, and the only equipment required is a pencil and paper.

You can make major changes in your life simply by changing the way you form your thoughts and this is something that anyone can learn do through the process of composing haiku. If you are willing to spend a few minutes each day writing haiku for the next 21 to 30 days (approximately the time it takes to form a new habit) you will become: - More serene - More observant - Less judgmental - Closer to nature - More decisive - Carrying less clutter and holding fewer grudges.

The power of haiku comes from writing it. By composing a little haiku each day, (perhaps as part of your journaling practice) you will begin to change your perception of the world and that will literally change your life.

This small book will guide you through the steps it takes to create haiku. You will be surprised at how far this subtle shift in thinking will go towards turning you into the type of person who sails serenely through life adapting easily to whatever challenges may arise.

We all know that meditation has long been considered the most important path to inner peace even before the current new age movement. However, if you have a hectic life and an over-active mind, meditation can be difficult to stick with. Writing haiku will bring you the same benefits with less frustration because the process of composing these tiny poems gives your busy mind something to focus on that will take you to that same place of serenity.

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