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'68 Volume 6: Last Rites - Mark Kidwell

'68 Volume 6: Last Rites - Mark Kidwell

Image Comics

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The greatest city in the world lies blanketed in ice and snow. There are no lights on Broadway, no taxis clogging the streets and the Empire State stands like a frozen tombstone blanketing a dead metropolis in its shadow. These are the Popsicle Fields...a labyrinth of New York streets littered with the frozen undead.

This is 1970, two years since the rise of the cannibalistic dead. From the fortified Flatiron Building, where a band of survivors holds onto life with a white-knuckled grip, to the battle-torn streets of Chinatown where the stiffening dead rise from subways filled with starving rats, an island off the Jersey coast where living horrors feast on human the steaming jungles of Vietnam, where a hero will fall only to spawn an army of masked avengers who find retribution in his legend and a battle cry in his name.

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