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As You Like It - Shakespeare

As You Like It - Shakespeare

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Banished from her ambitious uncle's court, the lovesick Rosalind flees to the forest with her cousin, Celia. Disguised as the handsome shepherd Ganymede and simple shepherdess Aliena, the two soon meet the dashing Orlando - forced into hiding by a plot against his life, heartbroken at the separation from his beloved Rosalind. Fooled by Rosalind's disguise, Orlando grows close to Ganymede.

But Phoebe, a local shepherdess, also has her eye on Ganymede. As their hopes and dreams entangle, can everyone get what they want? As You Like It is Shakespeare's brilliant gender swapping, fake dating classic comedy of errors. Discover STAGED, a limited collection of Shakespeare's unabridged plays that celebrates the genius of the Bard and the tropes that continue to delight YA readers to this day.

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