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Ask Me Anything - Floris van den Berg

Ask Me Anything - Floris van den Berg


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What happens when students can ask their professor anything and no question is off limits? You will find out in Ask Me Anything – a collection of personal, philosophical and provocative answers to questions about literally anything.

AMA is a book you can open at any page and just start reading. It is meant to be random, to be exciting, to be personal and unique. Some questions are funny, some are weird, and some are very serious. AMA aims to get you thinking about how philosophy can be applied. It opens your mind to the many realms of life that you can philosophize about, and it shows that philosophers themselves are sentient animals too.

AMA wets the palette of the entry philosopher in an approachable and non-intensive way, so that you can become introduced to philosophy without feeling too “out of depth”. AMA acts as a bridge, allowing people to cross over from the unconsidered life to one of critical contemplation. It is meant to facilitate personal growth by empowering students to philosophically reflect on literally anything.

AMA gives a peek into the mind of students, and it shows that all questions are valid and can be explored philosophically. While AMA is about answering students’ questions, let’s kick off by asking you a question: are you ready? I enjoy AMA very much! It is interesting, thought provoking, and simply fun to read. - Jelle Stegers, philosophy student

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