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Aurora - David Koepp

Aurora - David Koepp


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When the lights go out no one is safe...A planet without power.When a solar storm hits the earth, the lights go out across the planet.

But this time the blackout won't be over soon - it could last for years. Aubrey and her stepson now face the biggest challenge of their lives. A society without rules.Soon they hear rumours of riots, the struggle for food becomes real, and even within their small communities, the rule of law is collapsing.

Aubrey's estranged brother Thom, a self-made billionaire who abandoned her years ago, retreats to a gilded desert bunker where he can ride out the crisis in perfect luxury. A race to build a better world...But the complicated history between the siblings is far from over, and what feels like the end of the world is just the beginning of a personal reckoning long overdue...

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