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Batmobile Manual: Inside the Dark Knight's Most Iconic Rides

Batmobile Manual: Inside the Dark Knight's Most Iconic Rides

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Go under the hood of Batman's most iconic vehicles in this fully illustrated volume that crosses multiple realities to explore a huge fleet of Batmobiles, including cars seen in The Batman, Batman: The Animated Series, and the films of Christopher Nolan, Zack Snyder, and Tim Burton.

In a universe that encompasses infinite realities there is one constant: each known reality has its own Batman and each of these Dark Knights possesses a unique Batmobile. For the first time, this groundbreaking book presents an in-depth exploration of Batman's vehicles from across multiple realities to deliver the most comprehensive source of Batmobile information ever assembled.

Discover the inner workings of the unstoppable Tumbler that Batman used to take on the forces of Ra's al Ghul and The Joker; learn the secrets of the souped-up muscle car that a young Bruce Wayne built in his quest to take vengeance on the criminals of Gotham City; and explore the mechanics of the transforming, battle-ready Batmobile that Batman used in his deadly clash with the Arkham Knight.

Drawing on decades of Batman lore from film, comics, animation, and video games, Batmobile Manual is the ultimate guide to the Dark Knight's rides and an essential companion for Batman fans of all ages.

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