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Bequest - Joanna Margaret

Bequest - Joanna Margaret

Bloomsbury Publishing PLC

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Fleeing a disastrous love affair, Isabel Henley leaves the US to begin a PhD in Scotland. There she reconnects with the charismatic Rose Brewster, a former classmate, who becomes a much-needed friend. When Rose reveals she's in trouble, Isabel decides to help her.

Then Rose vanishes.

No clues can be found until Isabel receives a coded message: Rose is alive, but held captive by people who don't want her to complete her historical research. Isabel realises she must finish Rose's work if she wants to save her life.

The trail leads Isabel to the great cities of Italy and France. She must decipher a chain of betrayal and treason lasting centuries, and solve a 400-year-old mystery... or risk being claimed by it too.

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