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Bookbinder's Guide to Love - Katherine Garbera

Bookbinder's Guide to Love - Katherine Garbera

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As a lonely foster child, Serafina Conte sought refuge in handmaking journals – and writing her wishes into their pages. Now, in the witchy shop she shares with her two best friends, her journals have catapulted into the spotlight and are rumoured to manifest remarkable things.

But her plot hits a twist.

After the death of her mentor, Ford Sitwell, her only comfort is the box of antique books he left her. Except Ford’s suspicious grandson, Wes, wants them back! Sera won’t back down, but it’s clear Wes is seeking more – an emotional connection no book can replace. So, he offers to work in her shop for six weeks if she’ll help him get closure by sharing memories of his late grandfather.

Wes may seem grumpy, but he is devastatingly good looking…and maybe even kind. Surely nothing’s going to happen between them, or will Sera’s story take her where she least expected?

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