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Bookishly Ever After - Mia Page

Bookishly Ever After - Mia Page


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Her dating life is a mess and Sam Dickens – devastatingly handsome, arrogant, and fiercely competitive rival bookshop owner – is hellbent on stealing all of her customers. Frustrated, Lexi turns to her shelves for answers.

And what have the classics taught her? That when lovers start as enemies, there’s no distraction quite like love… Lexi plots to charm Sam: she invites him to a ball (well, a party), drags him to a dance class (does it matter if it’s not a quadrille?) and swoons into his arms while taking a turn in the park (note: next time, make sure he isn’t holding a hot drink).

As their rivalry reaches scorching levels, it’s not just Lexi’s beloved bookshop at stake, but her heart too…

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