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Catfulness - Paolo Valentino

Catfulness - Paolo Valentino

Quercus Publishing

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Human beings love to create problems for themselves. I observe this on a daily basis, as do all my feline friends. They never stop, and one of their favourite tasks is to find more tasks to do.

They are always looking for something, as if the life they have isn't enough. They say they're looking for happiness - but do they know what happiness is?We cats know the art of living. We eat when we're hungry, sleep when we're tired.

Sitting for hours outside a mouse hole has taught us patience. Staring at an aquarium has brought us meditation. And we know how to please ourselves.

Catfulness is a seven-week mindfulness programme for human beings. If they can live their lives more like us, the world will be more serene. As Sigmund Freud said, 'time spent with cats is never wasted.'

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