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Dark Objects - Simon Toyne

Dark Objects - Simon Toyne


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'Count to three,' her mother told her, the last words she would ever speak.

An Impossible Crime Scene

A wealthy woman is found brutally murdered in the locked fortress of her London mansion. Surrounding her are four mysterious objects, including a book on forensics by Dr Laughton Rees.

An Inescapable Past

As a teenager, Laughton's life was destroyed after witnessing her mother's brutal murder. Now a mother herself and forensic analyst, she is an expert on how to read crime scenes - but never works live cases.

An Uncatchable Killer

Pressured by the lead detective to help with the investigation, Laughton begins to realise that the objects left by the body are not just about the victim, they're also about her.

Her childhood was destroyed by one killer. Now she must catch another before her daughter's is destroyed too.

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