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Devil Takes You Home - Gabino Iglesias

Devil Takes You Home - Gabino Iglesias


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Sometimes God is your copilot, but it's the Devil who takes you home.'It was never just a job. Becoming a hitman was the only way Mario could cover his young daughter's medical expenses. But before long his family is left in pieces, and he's barely even put a dent in the stack of bills.

Then he's presented with an offer: one last score that will either pull him out of poverty forever or put a bullet in the back of his skull. A man named Juanca needs help stealing $2 million dollars from a drug cartel. Together, they begin a journey to an underworld where unspeakable horrors happen every day.

He's a man with nothing to lose, but the Devil is waiting for him. Wrestling with demons of our world and beyond, this blistering thriller charts the unforgettable quest of a husband and father in search of his lost soul.

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