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Diddly Squat - Jeremy Clarkson

Diddly Squat - Jeremy Clarkson


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Enthusiastic trainee farmer Jeremy Clarkson made just £144 in his first year at Diddly Squat Farm. This year he's determined to do better.

Not because he now knows what he's doing. But because he's fed up of getting stick from Kaleb. Yet farming continues to be a challenge.

For instance . . .

- Loading a grain trailer was more demanding than flying an Apache gunship?

- Cows were more dangerous than motor-racing?

- It's easier to get planning permission to build a nuclear plant than to turn a barn into a restaurant?

Jeremy's always got a plan. Loads of them. Often cunning.
Not always greeted with wild enthusiasm by Kaleb and Cheerful Charlie, however . . .

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