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Echo - Thomas Olde Heuvelt

Echo - Thomas Olde Heuvelt

Hodder Paperback

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Nature is calling-but they shouldn't have answered.

Travel journalist and mountaineer Nick Grevers awakes from a coma to find that his climbing buddy, Augustin, is missing and presumed dead. Nick's own injuries are as extensive as they are horrifying. His face wrapped in bandages and unable to speak, Nick claims amnesia-but he remembers everything.

He remembers how he and Augustin were mysteriously drawn to the Maudit, a remote and scarcely documented peak in the Swiss Alps.

He remembers how the slopes of Maudit were eerily quiet, and how, when they entered its valley, they got the ominous sense that they were not alone.

He remembers: something was waiting for them...

But it isn't just the memory of the accident that haunts Nick.

Something has awakened inside of him, something that endangers the lives of everyone around him...

It's one thing to lose your life. It's another to lose your soul.

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