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Evergreen Heir - A.K. Mulford

Evergreen Heir - A.K. Mulford


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Neelo Emberspear, heir to the throne and realm, would never leave the library if they could help it. They certainly never asked for a kingdom or a husband to rule it with. But when their mother, the troubled queen, disastrously lights the castle on fire Neelo knows duty can be put off no longer.

No matter how charming everyone else finds fae warrior Talhan Catullus, this is not what Neelo chose. Fighting to save their mother's life and throne, Neelo is astonished when the written word brings them closer than ever to their cavalier new fiance. But a dark force is rising, which not only threatens their love, but the entire continent.

Book four in The Five Crowns of Okrith series

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