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Factory - Hiroko Oyamada (Hardcover)

Factory - Hiroko Oyamada (Hardcover)

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Beyond the town, there is the factory. Beyond the factory, there is nothing. Within the sprawling industrial complex, three new employees are each assigned a department.

There, each must focuses on a specific task: one shreds paper, one proofreads documents, and another studies the moss growing all over the expansive grounds. As they grow accustomed to the routine and co-workers, their lives become governed by their work--days take on a strange logic and momentum, and little by little, the margins of reality seem to be dissolving:

Where does the factory end and the rest of the world begin?

What's going on with the strange animals here?

And after a while--it could be weeks or years--the three workers struggle to answer the most basic question: What am I doing here?

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