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Fake Dating Game - Timothy Janovsky

Fake Dating Game - Timothy Janovsky

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Things are not going well for Holden James. His chance to audition for his favourite game show, Madcap Market, should have been great – a tribute to his mum, who died six years ago. Instead, he’s destroying the minibar in a grim hotel room…recently dumped and sliding into misery.

But at least he has room service. It even comes with a sexy (smart-ass) concierge who arrives with pizza, Monopoly, and rather distracting forearms.

All Holden knows about Leo Min is that he’s beautiful, unexpectedly sympathetic, and the chemistry between them is off the charts. Maybe it’s even enough to convince the show’s casting directors that they’re a real couple. And if they can win the competition and the huge cash prize, all of Holden’s problems – his broken heart, buried grief, and complete lack of money and direction – will be solved.

Of course, nothing ever works out as planned. And love is an entirely different game…

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