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Family Business  - Jonathan Sims

Family Business - Jonathan Sims

Orion Publishing Co

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Not unless you make them. When Diya Burman's best friend Angie dies unexpectedly, it feels like her own life is falling apart. Grief costs her friends, family, and even her job.

But that's ok, because now she's got a new job: working at Slough & Sons, a family firm that deals in cleaning up after the recently deceased. Old love letters. Porcelain dolls.

Hoarded trinkets. Clearing away the remnants of other people's lives, Diya begins to see things. Horrible things.

Things that get harder and harder to write off as merely her grieving imagination. All is not as it seems with the Slough family. Why won't they speak about their own recent loss? And who is the nondescript man who keeps turning up at their jobs? It's a dirty old business, cleaning up after the dead, and if Diya's not careful she might just end up getting buried under the family tree.

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