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Queen's Cove 4: Finn Rhodes Forever - Stephanie Archer

Queen's Cove 4: Finn Rhodes Forever - Stephanie Archer


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The guy who broke my heart is now an arrogant, too-hot firefighter... who's hell-bent on getting me back. This summer, I have one goal: field work.

I need it to finish my PhD. I never expected Finn Rhodes to offer help. He broke my heart twelve years ago, and now that he's back in town, I want nothing to do with him.

The only problem? He insists we're meant to be together. I'll pretend to date him, but actually? I'm trying to get him to dump me. Between hiking the back country and cringe-worthy dates designed to turn him off, I begin to remember why we were best friends.

Despite how hard I try, Finn isn't interested in dumping me... and now I'm not sure I want him to. Finn's always been trouble.

The kind that might break my heart. Again.

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